Addicts that are undergoing therapy for recovery have taken time to actually work on themselves, and their relationship with other people. Hence, they are not new to keeping and sustaining relationships. They have studied, and are vast in good relationship skills which includes the ability to communicate how they feel about others, while respecting the limits set by them.
Recovering addicts do not look for aptness and perfection in their partners because, they have come to understand that such things does not exist. They are ready to accept the flaws that their partners have and try to live in harmony with it. They also have a sense of commitment to stand for their values, and they strive for integrity and uprightness in all of their dealings especially relationship wise.
In recovery, a lot of things are learnt by an addict and not just staying in a state of soberness and deep reflection, but also learn to lead a happy and fulfilling life. The concept of recovery is the one that lasts throughout the life of the addict and as such, there is always an attempt for self-improvement at each phase of their lives. Regardless of the fact that they might have not have experienced a smooth past, they still stand as people who you can live and partner with.
There are some important steps a recovering addict must take to become ready relationship wise. First, the recovering addict must have undergone consistent and intentional act of sobriety and abstinence in other to have a clear mind void of distractions and temptations.
Also, they should engage themselves in recovery activities like actively involving themselves in various programs or duties that can keep them busy. Volunteering to serve in events is also one way they can engage themselves. All these activities would prepare them for the people they want to go into a relationship with, and as well build the assurance level of their partners with the faith they are going into a relationship with people that are responsible.
Similarly, it is important for anyone going into a relationship with a recovering addict, to have a clear conscience about it. Research has shown that people tend to have a negative disposition to addicts, and judge them starkly even more than those suffering from other issues like obesity, and other body and health disorders. Hence, if a person is of the view and opinion that addiction is a huge flaw for anyone experiencing it, it is better to abstain from addicts then.

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