Signs that your partner has a mental health problem

If you notice that your partner has developed a strange behavioral pattern that you have not observed before, she might be dealing with a mental health problem.

When most people have a mental illness, it is usually difficult for them to communicate how they are feeling, because most of them don’t understand it.

For instance, someone who is depressed might never mention to their partner that they are suffering from depression.

It only takes good moments of observation from the unaffected partner to notice that their other half is depressed.

Here are some of the signs your partner may have a mental health problem

They are more private

One of the ways to tell your partner has a mental health problem is when they become more private than before.

You will notice that they are always isolating themselves from you, and other people in their lives. The reason is usually that they are dealing with these emotions, and they are having a hard time figuring out the root cause.

Most times, they will prefer to keep to themselves until they find out what is going on.

They are uninterested in intimacy

Another way to know when mental illness is at play is when your partner is not interested in physical intimacy.

When your partner is dealing with anxiety or depression, it can sap their self-esteem and energy, making them uninterested in many things, including sex.

So, when you request intimacy, and they are always rejecting it, this may be one of the signs that your partner isn’t their usual self.

They are unproductive

People struggling with mental health problems find it hard to be productive. They might not perform well at work like before.

It might also be difficult for them to make progress in other aspects of their lives because their emotions and feelings are preventing them.

There are several other signs including not answering calls and texts, always feeling unwell, substance abuse, etc. When you notice these signs, be supportive of your partner, and seek help for them from a reputable mental health counselor.

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